Dear Customer,

Our technicians are very thorough and take many  steps to ensure that your homes water system is properly conditioned for the winter.  If this same thoroughness is not followed in the energizing process in the spring, issues can occur. We do guarantee our work and will properly fix any issues concerning your winterized system. With this being said, we cannot be responsible for customers taking on the responsibility of energizing their systems by themselves.  Ordinarily if we winterize a residence, we also energize it.   We will not guarantee our winterizing work unless we handle the energizing as well.  
Please complete and submit the attached form to acknowledge that Cottage Works CANNOT guarantee our cottage winterizing (closing) work, if we are not also contracted to energize (open) the cottage in the spring.   Please see our guarantee information noted below.

​*If you'd like to make changes to what you've submitted, a new form must be filled out completely with all info.  

Included in guarantee: All horizontal and vertical domestic water lines of every standard material (galvanized, copper, PVC, CPVC, PEX). All horizontal and vertical drain lines of every standard material (galvanized, copper, PVC, CPVC, PEX, Iron). All components that are not rubber and water contacted: P-traps, clothes washer, dishwasher, condensate pump parts and water softener parts/components.  Any repairs necessary to return residence to its previous state before the failure of, and any damages caused by all parts listed above.  
Not included in guarantee: Rubber seals, rubber hoses, rubber bladders, cork seals or gaskets as these items can dry out over the winter if they are not in contact with water.  This is not something that anyone can guarantee. Metal pipes buried in dirt and more then 30 years old. Any pipe or component between pre-pump check valve and well point on shallow well pumps. Check valve, pump impellers or motors. Moving internal valve parts and handles. Some components may have pre-existing leaks, damage or wear and may be singled out as not included.  The customer will be notified of any pre-existing condition on any equipment during our winterization. 
Immediate action service option: Repairs not covered by guarantee and under $50 (parts/labor) will be completed at the time of energize and without immediate notification to customer. These repairs will be followed up with full explanation to customer afterwards.  If you do not wish for this action we will have to re-schedule another service call at $80 minimum charge.  
Repairs not covered by guarantee and over $50 (parts/labor): If the affected fixture/component or area can be isolated and shut off at time of service, this is our first action. We will shut off the problem area and energize the rest of the residence. We will then promptly notify you before proceeding with repair at a later time. If it is not possible to isolate the affected fixtu
re, component, or area, then the residence will NOT be energized until after the customer is contacted and the issue is discussed.

*Boiler Systems (in floor heat), and Sump pumps are affected by shutting off electricity or well, so please give us detailed instructions based on your personal home situation.  

​* Please note that we will start up and shut down your furnace, but if you have a boiler,  it needs to be serviced by a heating/cooling specialist with special equipment.  It is a complex boiler system that requires routine maintenance.

*We recommend that you place fresh batteries in your thermostats and fire detectors annually.