ENERGIZING FORM - We will do our best to meet your deadline, but please understand that we have many customers to satisfy and many other projects involved in our spring schedule.​  
"Energizing" means that we turn on everything that runs on a daily basis, while occupied. electric, heat, A/C, hot water, gas appliances, pilot lights, etc.  Our goal is to have it appear as if it was never shut down at all, and you can just move back in.   

*We recommend that you place fresh batteries in your thermostats and fire detectors annually.

​* Please note that we will start up and shut down your furnace, but if you have a boiler,  it needs to be serviced by a heating/cooling specialist with special equipment.  It is a complex boiler system that requires routine maintenance

*By completing the form below, you can let us know exactly how you would like your place set up for you.  If you'd like to make changes to what you've submitted, a new form must be filled out completely with all info.